National Drama Company’s ‘Musings of a Poet’ offers wealth of variety

“Musings of A Poet” is a theatrical performance to be staged at the National Cultural Centre on Saturday, February 2 at 8 pm. It is a dramatic performance of a very special nature, exhibiting modernistic theatre and reflecting a range of themes, enriched by dance, movement and music, with poetry at the centre of it. It contains humour, a bit of comedy, but explores a number of human issues and subjects in deep, serious expression.

“Musings of A Poet” is the first production of the National Drama Company (NDC) for 2019. It is a unique production because it is actually the performance of poems written by members of the NDC. It is presented by the company in association with the National School of Theatre Arts and Drama (NSTAD) and the Guyana Prize for Literature. 

The NDC is known for drama, but many of its members are quite accomplished poets whose works are proven but are also the output of developing writers on the national landscape. They are extremely promising, some of them prize-winning short story writers and playwrights. The NDC is a company of significant talent. It includes actors/actresses, poets, playwrights, fiction writers, dancers, singers, musicians, stage managers, as well as practitioners of make-up, costuming and theatre design. ….

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