Four little ones enjoying their seven-curry dish From left: Vicky, Shazeena, Shavier and Keneisha.

Sitting snugly between Annandale and Hoff van Aurich on the Essequibo Coast, is the beautiful village of Zorg en Vlygt with the Atlantic to the east and rice fields just opposite. The village is home to a few hundred residents and is believed to have been in existence for more than a century.

The name Zorg en Vlygt is of Dutch origin and is possibly a variation of Zorg en Vliet, which loosely translates to care and flow, according to Google Translate.

When I arrived, the ground was still a bit damp from earlier rainfall, clouds forewarned another shower and the ocean breeze brought a chill with it. Persons hurrying along the Essequibo Road to their destinations kept their eyes on the clouds…..

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