Young Sanjeev eating an ice cream among Ramesh Ketwaroo’s pepper plants

Adventure Village on the Corentyne highway consists of just close to 30 houses with a population of mostly farmers. The majority of the older folks have migrated and placed their houses on the market; ‘For Sale’ signs could be seen on several houses.

When one enters Adventure, coming from New Amsterdam, located on the right is the first entrance to Black Bush Polder. At the head of the entrance is a car park and several snackettes.

Residents in the area told the World Beyond Georgetown that to their knowledge the village always had the name Adventure. It has one cross road facetiously named Beverly Hills Street.

Ramesh Ketwaroo also known as ‘Short Boy’, 43, a rice farmer and cattle rearer, who has lived all his life in Adventure, started planting sweet peppers in his front yard last August. “The land deh and na do nothing so me decide to plant some sweet peppers a house here,” he said. Little did he dream of the bounty he would reap from it…..

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