This mango tree growing along the road has fruit within hand reach

Geneve is a small community in Canal Number One between Bordeaux and Mes Delices and obliquely opposite De Kinderen and Uitkomst, because of its small population – less than 100 residents – it is considered a hamlet, rather than a village.

A few of the houses are closed and seem to have been so for years. A policeman-cap designed house and another with Victorian style trimmings are among a few that give Geneve its quaint ambience.

Wendell Alleyne stood outside a family home chatting with another resident. He explained that it was his wife who grew up in the area. She relocated with him to North Ruimveldt in Georgetown, but would visit on weekends and holidays bringing her family along with her. Geneve has since become a second home to the Alleynes…..

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