A view of Dagg Point

Dagg Point is a community in the Cuyuni/Mazaruni region, a few miles outside of Bartica with 360 residents scattered about its hilly, forested terrain. Most of them belong to the Warrau, Carib and Arawak indigenous tribes.

To get to Dagg Point, one must first travel to Bartica and then take a taxi that costs $1,000 to go as far as the beginning of the village and $2,000 – $3,000 to go further in.

The Johns were the first couple to live in Dagg Point some time in 1978. Carlotta John-Hopkinson, now 59 years old, is a daughter of that first family. “I am from a village called Saint Bede’s Mission, Barima/Waini. In Saint Bede’s Mission we had a captain by the name of Amos Joseph. He couldn’t read and write, but you couldn’t mess with him,” John-Hopkinson said. “The captain used to go and represent his people in Georgetown. That time we ain’t know about Georgetown. ….

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