Savitri Looknauth’s grandchildren Ryan Kishunchand, a student of Annandale Secondary, and his sister Aneisa with their pet parrot Bobo

The Coldingen residents who live along the East Coast Demerara public road are said to have lived there much longer than those at Sea Dam or in the housing scheme. Once there were more than 100 of them, but there has been a significant drop in the population living along the road. Today there’s an average of 40 residents.

Maybe for that reason there was scarcely anyone around, except for the handful of people at the gas station and mini mart and at the poultry business. Owned by the Arjunes, the business attracts customers from near and far. The Arjunes have made a name for themselves and their place is considered one of the best for quality chicken at wholesale prices. They supply various shops and supermarkets including the well-known Bounty Supermarket.

I found two young men working on a car in a yard. They laughed on learning my reason for visiting. “What you think about Agee,” one asked the other. “She is the oldest in the village. She gon turn 90 soon.” The grandmother referred to was 89-year-old Sumintra Mosai, who eagerly welcomed me…..

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