“I love my son, but it is getting to a place where he would soon have to leave my house if he continues with his lifestyle. It is one of the hardest things I may have to do, but I can’t deal with the stress it is too much,” she said, obviously frustrated.

“My son does not want to follow the rules of my home so he would have to go. It is my house and I have two younger sons and I don’t want him to influence them because they look up to him. His behaviour is also causing a problem between me and my husband,” she added.

The son she refers to turned 18 a few months ago and while she said he does not follow her rules she later admitted that the young man is not rude per se, but the problem comes with him adhering to her strict religious beliefs.

We spoke for hours via phone and while as a woman of faith I share the same beliefs as she does, I tried to point out to her that she still needs to thank God that her son goes home every evening and he still does his chores.

“I get what you are saying, but the rules are my rules and he needs to adhere to it,” she said not moved my words…..

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