Qualifiers named for national junior championship

This poster depicts the seven qualifiers for the National Junior Chess Championship and the current national junior champion. The contenders for the national title will meet shortly in a Championship Tournament. 

In chess as in life, when people cannot figure out what you are doing, they are kept in a state of terror – waiting, uncertain, confused. – Robert Greene

Andre Jagnandan, a young man who the column expected to excel in the qualifier of the 2019 National Junior Chess Championship, took first place in the competition. It was Jagnandan’s second victory of the year following his win in the James Bond Blitz early in February.

The remaining qualifiers for the 2019 Nationals are: Jarrell Troyer, Ethan Lee, Chelsea Juma, Ghansham Allijohn, Jayden Taylor and Rajiv Lee. The seven qualifiers will oppose the current national junior champion Joshua Gopaul for the title. ….

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