More effort needed to expand chess in Guyana

The Berbice Inter-Schools Chess Championship was hosted successfully by the Berbice Chess Association (BCA) last month. The team Championship was won by the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School. The Siparuta Primary School placed second. In photo: Vice-President of the BCA Steve Leung (left) presents a trophy to the second-place finishers. (Photo: Krishnanand Raghunandan)  

Given the current uneven situation in chess, it would be difficult for me to have a cup of tea and exchange pleasantries with the administrators of the board game in Guyana. as American novelist Henry James wrote in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Though it may be logical to consider having a beer instead of sipping a cup of tea, in keeping with the conformity of the times, and, appropriately, being Guyanese.

Before the qualifier began for the 2019 National Chess Championship, I had suggested that the circle of qualifiers, perhaps, can be expanded to 12 persons inclusive of the previous year’s national champion, instead of the eight who are earmarked.

Chess is pulsating with life in Berbice. The game is also played in Linden, to name two separate regions. I was pleasantly surprised at the level of play from the Linden newcomer in the qualifier for the 2019 National Championship. He played with energy but did not qualify for the final pick owing to the strength of his opposition…..

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