We have two dogs. Choo, now going on 10 years, is a German Shepherd mix who had arrived via our friend, Tony Pires, who spotted her in Brazil and realized she was perfect for us, looking for a dog.  Jet is a black Belgian Shepherd that Annette and I got about three years ago through my long-time friend Vic Fernandes in Barbados.

We had gone over there with a portable pet-carrier that my GT friend Syeada Mandbodh had loaned me.  Because she was, literally, jet black, except for her legs and her belly, and because she was always moving at high speed, I quickly christened her “Jet,” while her German Shepherd partner who came before her, got the name “Choo” – as a pup, she chewed everything in sight, except us. So Choo, full grown now, was in charge of our yard, when LIAT brought us back from Barbados with Jet as a pup, however I knew better than to just show up one day with a new dog. I picked up Jet in her portable kennel at Ogle, and Annette met me at the Seawall with Choo in the other van. The introduction there, on neutral ground, was brief, with the normal sniffing and circling, but none of the uproar that might have resulted from them meeting on Choo’s home turf. From the start, they were pals, and they are now fixtures in our lives, each with their own attributes. Choo is the lady of the duo, and Jet is the tornado, although, of late, Choo is getting wary of Jet’s aggressiveness and will often growl a warning “lemme alone” when Jet starts to sniff around…..

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