Dialogue not ideology required to address the crisis in Venezuela

Last Wednesday. Juan Guaidó, the President of Venezuela’s National Assembly, took an informal oath of office and declared himself the country’s interim President. In a choreographed response, the United States and a number of other hemispheric countries, including Canada, Brazil and Argentina, recognised him as such.

The response of other nations was significantly more nuanced, calling instead for a political process that leads to free and credible elections. Russia, China and Turkey, however, indicated their support for the Maduro government and objected to external interference in the country’s internal affairs.

In contrast, Caribbean nations, including some of those in the Lima Group who voted recently at the OAS not to recognise Nicolas Maduro’s second term in office as Venezuela’s President, said nothing about Mr  Guaidó . Instead they have called for a rapid regional and international dialogue involving all actors to preserve the democratic process…..

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