Lack of professionalism by medical personnel can add to patients’ distress

“Imagine I go to do a test for cervical cancer. I done frighten and shaky and to hear she talking about how she never hear about pap smear and she don’t know is what and all them things… I think what really wrong with these people,” she said.

“I decided to go to the doctor after a long time of having this itching on my privates and the doctor send me to take the test at the lab and you know that make me feel [scared] and then to listen to them girls in this lab talking. People don’t understand the state you does be in when you visiting for them tests,” she added.

She reached out to me following last week’s column in which I recounted a conversation I had with a young woman at a doctor’s office who felt she was having symptoms of cervical cancer and was afraid to be diagnosed…..

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