“Where were you last night? Where were you last night? You want knock me, you knock me,” the woman saying this was speaking to a man; she had grabbed his collar and was tugging and hitting him as she fired off the questions.

“Loose me hand! I said, where were you last night? I want a answer to that question now! You can’t knock me! You can’t knock me!” she was almost screaming as she delivered some blows to his body with an object she was holding. “Knock me! Where were you last night?” The entire performance took place in open public.

The video was shared on Facebook and there were several calls, from mostly women, for the woman to be arrested and locked up.

To be clear, it was a clear case of domestic violence with a woman as the perpetrator.

By the time I saw the video it had been viewed by over 7,000 persons.

The video opened with the woman grabbing the man’s jersey and slamming him into a wall even as he attempted to wriggle out of her grip. She had what looked like a small stick in her hand, which she also attempted to hit him with…..

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