Dealing with disrespect meted out to women working in the interior

“That environment is not for me and I just had to pack up and leave. I can’t have men talking to me anyhow and wanting to touch me and because I not allowing them is a problem. I know I need the money and I poor, but I not selling me self short fuh money,” she said.

A single parent mother of four—her youngest child being 18 years old—this 41-year-old woman thought she finally found a stable job when she gained employment in the interior with a company that has a contract with an international firm.

However, less than one month after she started working, she was forced to pack her bags and leave.

“I know I had to leave because it woulda get worse, those young boys have no order,” she told me shortly after she returned to the city.

“You know they have rules, which they don’t up keep. The workers know that they must get the bowls wash before they come to the kitchen, the bowls must come clean. The rule is when they come with the bowl nasty they must go and wash it or put the food just suh in the nasty bowl. They have a problem if you do so because they feel you must flex with them and wash the nasty bowl…..

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