Andaiye (Photo compliments of

A true stalwart of human rights died on May 31. Her name was simply Andaiye. Those who have had the privilege of knowing and interacting with this daughter of the soil can attest to what a remarkable human she was.

I have had a few fleeting interactions with the great Guyanese woman and when I read the tributes since her passing, I feel I should have taken the time to know more about her while she was still with us. Tributes have poured in from near and far and to harness the varying sentiments, those who knew and loved her have set up a special website on which all that is being said in wake of her passing is published.

“As news of Andaiye’s death spread, family, friends, colleagues, mentees, and mentors, started to send condolences/tributes to those who worked closely with her,” the creators said on the website. “Karen de Souza, Abbyssinian Carto, Alissa Trotz and Danuta Radzik decided to start this website to not only share those tributes, but to also create a public space for others to also share theirs. They envision this page evolving to share her work and continue her work. The Point Is To Change the World, is the title of Andaiye’s book that is forthcoming. Please contact da.trotz at for more information.”

I felt it was only fitting that I pay tribute to that great woman in this space and below reprint with permission a tribute written by lifelong friend, sister and comrade Bonita Harris…..

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