Nigerian actor/singer wetting his feet on the local scene

Actor Opara Samuel (Sammy) Tobechukwu recently made an appearance as the main character in the music video for “All My Love” set to be released sometime next month where he played the younger version of Guyanese singer/songwriter Courtney Noel.

Sammy has acting in Guyana for quite some years now. However, acting is not something he just recently took up; he has been acting since he was just six years old.

Sammy was born and raised in Abia State, Nigeria and grew up with five siblings. Opara, he said, is his family name, while his African name is Tobechukwu, which was given to him at birth and means ‘Keep on praising God’. The name Samuel was given to him when he was baptized as a baby. He explained that while in most countries the surname appears last, where he is from, it comes first. He speaks Igbo, the dialect of his tribe but can also speak English fluently as it is the official language of his country and all Nigerians are required to learn it in school…..

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