I don’t generally consider myself to be a shy person. But for some reason I always get overly anxious when it comes to taking my own picture (common term selfie). Not necessarily because I think my phone screen will crack, but because I’m petrified of what people will think of me.

I always feel a sense of embarrassment for other people when I see them randomly looking into a camera moving to entertain people behind a screen. It comes off like a charade, a performance. I understand that social dynamics have changed, and technology has influenced the way we now choose to connect but no one seems to want to address the degree of shallowness that may or may not behind it. 

Perhaps shallowness is overly harsh, as there are positive sides to seeing people showcase themselves. I personally find cooking demonstrations, fitness videos and acne-related facial tutorials to be useful. I suppose it’s those that you can’t gain any sort of benefit from that I am perplexed by…..

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