The Link Show is back

Some of the actresses in the KFC Link Show are seen during rehearsal.

The Link Show, a popular annual satirical review, known for entertaining Guyanese audiences by the thousands for the past 33 years, will be staged at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) from March 1 to 4, a release from GEMS Theatre Productions has said.

The KFC Link Show 34, the release said, satirises the country’s current political and social situation along with political and topical personalities in “a very funny and entertaining manner.” Audiences can look forward to an evening of relaxation and lots of laughter, the release promised.

According to the release, the production, which premiered in November 1981 has been thrilling audiences from Charity to Linden to Corriverton and New Amsterdam and between 1997 – 2001 in the USA and Canada over the years.

This year the cast will comprise both experienced actors and some promising newcomers. Link Show stalwarts like Sonia Yarde, Michael Ignatius, Mark Luke Edwards, Mark Kazim, Sean Thompson, Randy Critchlow, Simone Persaud, Simone Dowding, Rajan Tiwari, Nirmala Narine, Paul and Sean Budnah will be joined by other seasoned actors like Sheron Cadogan, Nathaya Whaul, Melika Edmonds, Nelan Benjamin, Makini Thompson, Troy Parboo, Raymond Persaud and newcomers on the scene will be Zoya Moore, Tamepha Rodney, Rovindra Persaud, Lee Leung, Joshua Persaud, Yohance Koama and Nalini Narishwarie

Patrons are advised to be there early as the show starts promptly at 20:00 hours (8 pm) and they would not want to miss any part of it. Security is provided for vehicles and patrons are asked to adhere to the NCC dress code.

The KFC Link Show 34 is produced by GEMS Theatre Productions and The Theatre Company and directed by Ron Robinson. Tickets are $2,000, $1,200 and $1,000 and are now on sale at the National Cultural Centre, KFC Mandela Avenue and Regent and King streets outlet.

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