Breakthrough Ministries presents After Mash concert tonight

Ryan Patterson

The Breakthrough Ministries presents a grand concert dubbed ‘After Mash’ this evening at the World Vision New Testament Church of God. The concert will see a number of live performances from some of their finest gospel singers around Guyana.

“Just as Mashramani means ‘Celebration after hard work’, we too will be celebrating but we are celebrating in a way that pleases God. We want to use this opportunity to acknowledge God’s grace and we want to do this in an atmosphere that represents sacredness like God does, the reason for choosing the church as our venue. In addition to this we are looking to promote unity as a people in a Godly way,” singer/composer/promoter Ryan Patterson shared.

The group is hoping to create a fan base for the singers and for the kind of music being presented. They are looking to also create a space that encourages young, up and coming Christian singers to share their talent. Breakthrough Ministries is anticipating that this opportunity will aid singers in pursuing a career in music that provides an income for them instead of them sharing their talent for free…..

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