First ever ‘Cineffx’ to open next weekend

– billed as forum for photographers and filmmakers to showcase and learn

From left: Oral Welshman – Production and Creative Director, Jason October – Chief Executive Officer, Denise Jennings – Fashion and Marketing Director, Ray Williams – Finance Director, Timothy Blair – Branding and Communication Director and Karni KJ Paton – Chief Operations Officer (seated)

Guyana will for the first time host the Cineffx Photo and Film Expo from March 8 to 10, at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre. This event is expected to allow photographers and filmmakers, whether professional or amateurs, the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry as well as showcase their work.

The idea came about after Chief Executive Officer of Cineffx Jason October found that he wanted to know more, and it was his brainstorming that saw the birth of Cineffx. “One of the reasons I’ve decided to host this expo stemmed from challenges I would have faced personally as a photographer and filmmaker which included not having somewhere I could have learnt photography and film in Guyana. Most of our photographers in Guyana are self-taught who would have watched tutorials on YouTube or taken some online courses. Photographers were always skeptical about sharing their knowledge with amateurs,” Jason said in an interview with The Scene.

Not having a school to go to or photographers willing to share what they knew forced photographers like him to search the internet. While local events afford filmmakers and photographers the opportunity to showcase their talent and skill, they do not provide them with knowledge. This particular event, he shared, will provide a platform for persons within the industry or those hoping to make a career from it to showcase their work and at the same time have that learning experience. Multiple workshops will cater for the various types of photography – landscape, fashion, wedding, portraits, documentaries, photography as art and art as photography as well as nude photography…..

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