From bhajans to R&B: Tiffani Bonner’s music evolution

Tiffani Bonner has music in her heart and on her brain. While she seized the title and crown at the Miss Guyana Talented Teen back in 2013, music had long seized her heart.

“Singing for me began at the mandir,” the former Tutorial High student said. “I’m not a Hindu but I was brought up in the mandir.”

Today when Tiffani sings, her range is very much different from that of someone who sings bhajans. Asked whether persons are surprised when they hear her mind-blowing performances and then learn that she grew up singing in the mandir, Tiffani admitted that they are, but quickly added that it used to be even more astonishing for them to see a little mixed girl belting out bhajans while outfitted in her shalwar…..

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