I Am Us wows audiences

Coalpot and Surwah with their wives and friends dance to Indian Music.

The Ethnic Relations Commission sponsored production I Am Us, played to satisfied audiences at the National Cultural Centre last Saturday and Sunday.

The purpose of the play was to promote unity and preserve the peace and good relations, especially at a time Guyana is preparing for general elections.

I Am Us was written in 2015 by Neaz Subhan. The play focused on two families reflective of the two major ethnicities in Guyana. The story surrounds the lives of Surwah and Coalpot and their families. The two friends were also neighbours who would get together to have an occasional drink. However, with elections around the corner, friends of Surwah and Coalpot brought the topic of elections into the conversation. This was not a topic either of the men felt comfortable with. Though they tried to stay silent, their friends insisted on them sharing their views with each other which led to a disagreement on what they think about the government in power…..

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