Living positively through landscape painting

A recent post circulating on Facebook gained much recognition for landscape painter Micheal Chatargum. The post featured a painting of the majestic Kaieteur Falls from a wormhole view, unlike the bird’s eye view many of us have come to adore. This new perspective created a more captivating image of the single-drop waterfall.

Micheal was born in New Amsterdam, Berbice and grew up in Quakers Hall, Mahaicony. He attended Bygeval Secondary. “I was always fascinated by the mixing of colours and using different mediums, and to be able to paint my imagination. I’ve always loved and appreciated art,” he said. He was in the art stream and later wrote the subject at the Caribbean Examination Council.

He wanted to be an artist from a very young age, but life did not go as planned. Micheal is a recovering drug addict and this week marks eight years, four months since he has been free from drugs. He admitted that it was a struggle, not only was it difficult to escape the addiction, but taking up art took twice the effort…..

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