Gavin Mendonca’s Creole Rock pop-ups being used to revive folk music

Creole Rock creator Gavin Mendonca has recently embarked on a Creole Rock Folk It Up Tour and has been popping up in various parts of the country performing many of Guyana’s folk songs.

Gavin has themed up with Marlon Adams of Buxton Fusion who plays African drums.

“I’m currently on a mission to find spaces and just pop up and play folk music so that we get it back into society. I do believe that folk music is at a risk of being lost in time because of all the foreign influences. So far this year, we have performed at KFC Link Show, MovieTowne, the Courtyard and Theatre Guild. It’s really just a project to have more folk music heard by our young people. Folk music is not being done as it used to be done in schools before, so we want to include schools. There are not a lot of artistes embracing folk music as well. They tend to gravitate towards the pop culture and mainstream music like reggae and soca and chutney, which is fine. I think it’s my cultural responsibility as a musician to do folk music,” he said…..

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