Singer Simeon Browne releases sequel to ‘Finding Aluna’

Simeon Browne

Guyanese artiste Simeon Browne has yesterday (Friday) dropped another one of his originals on the local arena. The song titled ‘Finding Aluna’ is part two of the single Lake Aluna, the singer released back in 2017.

“….the song is a result of a song I released sometime in 2017 called Lake Aluna. The first song is about a mythical being I created who lived in a village and died because of a flood”, the artiste said. He further explained that the spirit of the Aluna lived on, luring men into the lake.

The second song is a love story as a result of Aluna’s death where a loved one goes in search of her. “It’s really for the creative minds, those persons who can really dream and understand that so much exists out there and that love is never ending, it’s undying irrespective of all the challenges  that you would have had…,” he told The Scene…..

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