Multi-talented Martain Al-ameen is a crusader for Guyanese music

While in high school, he was a member of a gang called the Crips, but the now 24-year-old Martain Al-ameen has since turned his life around and is a man of many talents including being a songwriter, producer, director, photographer and chef.

“I’ve always been fascinated with music,” he told The Scene. As a boy he would wake up to his mother playing gospel music on the radio. Then the genres of music would change as they got busier with chores while listening to soca, calypso and reggae. He started to get curious about creating the various musical sounds.

Martain grew up in Pattensen, Turkeyen and attended St Winefride’s Secondary. “As a young man in school I was always quiet and observant. I spoke less and acted more. My alter ego allowed me to be the life of the party, always hanging around females and being adventurous and daring. My high school era was the rise of gangs and violence and being concerned for my safety I joined the known Crips Gang for my protection. This is where my life really began as I became more business-minded and focused at the same time. I was advised to stay in school and keep out of trouble with rival gang members as my teammates would always have my back. This is where we created High Rollas,” Martain said…..

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