Faydeha King wins best talent at Miss Earth preliminaries

Faydeha mesmerizing the crowd with her recycled costume.

Faydeha King emerged as the best talent when the Miss Earth Guyana Talent and Fashion preliminaries were held last Saturday night at the Theatre Guild.

The programme proceeded with contestants doing their talent pieces before they displayed their recycled pieces. Each contestant had been assisted by a designer and models displayed several designer pieces before each recycled costume made the stage.

Phelicia Adams represented the Dwarf Morning Glory and performed a dance. Faydeha, the Sunflower, did an earth-themed dance. Annessa VanSluytman’s ‘Bird Set Free’ dance paid tribute to animals that have gone extinct and those that are endangered. The fourth item, “Gaea”, was a spoken word written and performed by Amelia Bakhsh, the Torch Ginger, was a reminder to the audience to take care of the earth. Dressed as the Cattleya Orchid, Cintiana Harry did a moving dance that had the audience spellbound then taken back when she let out a piercing scream as part of her performance. As the Flamingo, Kataina Phillips acted out a poem called “Save the Environment”. Decked in a mangrove tree costume, Maricia Meusa did a performance of “Death of A Friend”, symbolizing the death of the mangrove forests. To end the talent segment Selena Guyadeen did a spoken word piece called “Mother Earth”…..

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