Soca artiste Jumo Primo on Friday last launched the reopening of the former Weddy Weddy Night Club, now called 592 Spot and geared to promote live performances by local artistes and entertainment from local disc jockeys.

“I’ve seen a lot of clubs going up in Guyana at different places. I say, man look if we change this thing seeing that I’m entertainment and I’m one of the leading artiste in the country and I have my own brand, it has to be something different, and better than it was before,” Jumo said in a statement.

The singer said it was high time someone catered for local artistes, whether they have already created a name for themselves or were now aspiring to do so. Many clubs in Guyana, he added may have one night for such entertainment. 592 Spot, which is located at the corners of John and Norton Streets, Werk-en-Rust, has been designed for those who need a relaxing afternoon after work, while at night it offers a party atmosphere. Weddy Weddy Wednesday still remains a night to look forward to and there will be Banks Thursdays, Guinness Fridays, Ladies’ Night on Saturdays and Marvelous Sundays…..

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