Pumpkin Pancakes Photo by Cynthia Nelson

Wait. Isn’t it Pancake Day already? Nope, it’s not until March 5. So late!

Every year I look forward to Pancake Day and to eating the kind of pancakes I eat exclusively on that day – the Portuguese-influenced style of pancakes, an adaptation of Malasadas. Last week I was there thinking, Ouuu, pancakes this week, only to check the calendar and see that it is not until next week. Sigh.

What about you? Have you too been looking forward to Pancake Day? What’s your favourite kind to have? Most people have the flat, thin, round version and usually consume them in the mornings for breakfast. When I was growing up and Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day rolled around, we exclusive ate the Portuguese-style pancakes; and we only ever ate them in the afternoon when we came home from school. Mom would be frying them as we walked through the door. It was such a treat, especially with the homemade syrup sitting in a saucepan with sticks of cinnamon flavouring the syrup. Yum! Sure, other days of the year for breakfast we would have the flat, thin, round version. But Shrove Tuesday was reserved for Portuguese-style pancakes…..

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