What’s Cooking: Punctuation in recipe writing

Scrambled Eggs with Broccoli – steam broccoli before cooking with eggs (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

What’s Cooking is a series in which I answer questions and share advice about food and cooking that you have but may be too shy to ask.

Have you ever considered writing recipes to pass on to your family and friends? To your children or contribute a recipe to your Church or Temple group? Or just as an effective reminder of yourself in the future?

Recipes are guides that direct and instruct us how to make things. Though it may seem simple, recipe-writing is anything but simple; you are always writing for someone else to interpret information and techniques that you as the writer are familiar with, and others not so much, therefore, things can get lost in translation. It is this lost in translation that I would like to address today, looking specifically at the importance of acknowledging and paying heed to the comma in a recipe, particularly, when it appears in the list of ingredients. This advice is for both recipe writers and recipe readers…..

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