Dressing for salad made with mangoes (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Are you rubbing your hands with glee like me because mangoes are in season? Mangoes are magical – they can transport you to childhood and take you places throughout your life where they have provided a taste of home, comfort, and a longing for simpler times.

Each one of us has special ways in which we like to eat mangoes – rolling it to soften the flesh, nipping a hole at the top to squeeze and suck the juice. Others simply want to tear the skin with their teeth, bite and suck the mangoes with the juices running through our fingers, sometimes down to the elbow; our hands a yellow-orange sticky mess. And then there are those who prefer their mangoes sliced. To be honest, I like eating mangoes all ways, saving the seed for last when I’d scrape every last bit of flesh with my teeth sucking the seed clean (laugh). Even the skin, if the mango was peeled or skinned back from the flesh, you’ve got to get in there and run your teeth along the inside of the skin, getting every bit of juicy sweetness…..

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