Maybe you are tired of hearing it by now, but Happy New Year! I spent mine watching fireworks and trying not to be too alarmed by the noise (which is actually easier said than done if you are in the middle of all the ruckus).

Looking back at the season, I didn’t even give myself the chance to reflect as I spent the whole holiday period preparing food and anxiously waiting for my husband to come home to spend Christmas and New Year. He made it home on both days thankfully, but it goes without saying I have no New Year resolutions. I’m not sure if I am even fond of the concept. I think it dampens the energy when it comes finding the right time to do something you’ve been longing to do.   Why wait until a new year to improve yourself or to let go of old habits?

Instead of using the phrase new year resolution, I prefer the word progression. It takes the mental strain of total immediate change away. It makes the process less burdensome as in most cases, this is how it feels as a consumer…..

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