Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags to support a green lifestyle and help to protect the environment. ( photo)

In a world of excess that creates so much uncertainty, minimalism is becoming the new face of desirability as it relates to fashion and lifestyle. 

Colour palettes that revolve around tan, grey-toned and beige-coloured hues, which would have used for basics like vests or tights, have become staples. An excessive lifestyle, as beautiful as it may look, is exhausting. I have come to realize this especially if one must fit it into a fully functioning, on-the-go lifestyle.

Our lifestyles have become ten times more stressful in general and one less thing to think about (colour-coordinating and matching clothes) offers relief. However, it does raise questions as to whether we are heading into the uniform era, and if minimalism will become the secret language of the elite…..

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