Prada Exaggerated Headband

It has been said that style is influenced by several factors. Disposable income and peer influence often overshadow the environmental factor. I suppose I never really considered the latter because fashion always seems more flexible in warmer temperatures. While it might be exciting to experiment with different clothing in winter, the fact that one must incorporate the need to feel warm with it which can just compromise your entire style and aesthetic.

Despite leaving my home three times a week for work and having a little time to plan ahead, I still find myself totally unmotivated to dress up. Two days ago, I cycled through the drizzle calmly, well bundled up and reflected on my attitude towards fashion. It has become less about wanting to feel good and more about just making sure I’m okay: a person I thought I would never become.

I look forward to summer with great enthusiasm because while it may seem trivial weather, it plays a vital role in how we feel and charter those feelings. I liked both sides of who I am, but sometimes I feel like I have given up on what truly makes my heart flutter, or is that maturity?….

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