Khloé Kardashian advertising the ‘flat tummy-tea’ product.

I started working out about a year ago. Up until last November, I primarily worked from home and I found that because I was so stationary, being isolated also started to feel normal because I was still managing to be productive. Sometimes it felt so unnecessary to go outside to the point where some weeks I would only leave the apartment on the weekends.

Knowing that the gym would motivate me to move outweighed the mental benefits it brought. I would say that I have a better balance which is centred around feeling less robotic. I wouldn’t call myself a gym rat, that is someone who lives in the gym but I can say I have spent ample time in it to know that gym, coupled with my Instagram feed can create chaos for my self-esteem despite the former being so good as it relates creating a happy/positive feeling by releasing  endorphins. In spite of feeling less robotic, sometimes it felt like I was going in circles when I looked at fitness videos online. Comparison is truly the thief of joy…..

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