It is important to pick the ‘perfect’ wedding dress. ( photo)

I can’t believe April is already here. In this particular quarter you may have already started to receive wedding invitations for August/summer weddings, worry about the expense they will put you in (because even as a guest weddings are expensive), have a good solid fight with your partner to determine who should be there and who shouldn’t etc.

I haven’t attended a wedding in years, the last wedding my husband and I had planned to attend, the bride contracted chicken pox a few days before. I have memories of the ones I was obligated to attend as a child, and I remember them being filled with such detail even as a guest. Well, not directly for me, but for my mother who had to organize the outfits, gifts and the whole nine yards involved celebrating people’s love.

My experience as a bride and having been married for just a bit, I realize how many things are trivial when I look back. So, here are a few timely reminders for the guests and bride and groom…..

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