Dressed in my culottes by Meiling and an off-the-shoulder statement top which I have worn before.

Despite the fact that I am very much for re-wearing items that I own, I must admit that at times it can prove quite difficult to do so. Not necessarily because I don’t want to, but because I find myself worrying about the opinions of others.

Culturally and socially it is kind of ingrained in me that appearances matter, in addition to it representing a certain economic privilege. I believe this is one of the reasons clothing swaps, secondhand and vintage shopping are given the side eye intentionally.

I remember going kite-flying in the park with my family when I was in my early teens. One of my then classmates who was there later mentioned that I was wearing an outfit she had seen me in before. After this incident, I began to seriously consider when and where and what I wore. Today, in the digital age where everyone records their life that sort of take isn’t feasible…..

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