The Instagram app

I have been on Instagram since 2013. I remember wanting to get it when I started blogging online. I was not au fait with the app, in comparison with my peers, and at the time I didn’t have a phone with a really good camera. So, my friend helped me to keep my account updated on her phone. I would send her pictures and she would upload them.

Since I wasn’t on the app, I didn’t quite understand how you could get sucked into the Instagram bubble. My first picture, a pair of black shoes, which was also heavily filtered, garnered about four likes.

Fast forward to 2019, and so much has changed with the ‘gram’ as it is commonly called. It now incorporates a story feature very similar to Snapchat, pictures can be uploaded in an album format, we can constantly monitor who is looking at us and the list goes on. Our reasons for using Instagram may vary from staying connected, inspired and to be frank to just do some plain old snooping…..

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