Vindictive and intolerant politics being pursued by the Ali gov’t

Dear Editor,

The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) runaway train, where they believe they can do anything to persons who were employed by or supported A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) Coalition Government, will have to reach a stop. For running ‘loco’ (mad) will lead to its own derailment and disastrous consequences. Their extremist behaviour as a government will only give rise to conflicts and tensions in the society.  This seems to be their ultimate agenda to continue their divisive politics along the lines of race, class, geographic and political association.

 The PPP/C is reminded here and now that many governments that espoused those kinds of tendencies eventually fall to the power of the people, though they desperately try to hold on to power by nefarious means and compromise elections. What is unfolding before our eyes gives the impression that the PPP/C government has finally thrown aside the façade of good intention and tolerance. Their greatest intolerance and attack seem to be on African Guyanese.

 The PPP/C is exposing their true nature of total disregard, subjugation and control which became glaringly evident under the Bharrat Jagdeo government. This is being accelerated to a grossly unhealthy state of political management post-election under the Irfaan Ali government for whom there is no excuse and full responsibility given. They are demonstrating a wicked mind towards workers of the African community and those who express opinions not consistent with their interest (and deceit). Former acting CEO of NICIL Colvin Heath-London has become the latest target. He was placed in police detention last Friday and will likely spend part if not all the weekend there.

 Earlier last week Tellisa King, a young hinterland resident and journalist of a community radio station, was fired for expressing on her Facebook a personal opinion on a public matter (electricity). These incidents are not going unnoticed. They follow several of such nature in the last four months of the Ali administration and have become the norm. Already hundreds of families are suffering because of the vindictive and intolerant politics, the spill off which will be seen early in small societies such as ours. 

 The Ali government is willfully creating and deepening a divide which threatens the development of this nation.  The Machiavellian type of politics he is playing is seeing constant firing of workers, constant weekend lockups, and deprivation on trumped up charges and flimsy excuses that will keep persons under inhumane conditions. It is unacceptable! This is not the way of a caring government. This is not the way of a government seeking peace. 

The repeated violations demonstrate a clear provocative intent to drive fear and stifle dissent and free voices in society. The abusive, lawless, and reckless actions are designed to throw red meat to supporters or those who desire political vengeance, with a misleading narrative of pursuing persons who violated the laws. The PPP/C wants the world to believe a group- that represents approximately half of the population and primarily do not support their politics- cannot be trusted and some have committed crimes against the state and must be punished by the state. They want their supporters and the world to believe these persons are not worthy of their entitlement, respect and dignity accorded them under the law. This kind of politics has met with challenges in the United States of America and has been defeated at the polls in 2020.

 This opportunity is taken to draw a comparison between the previous government and this. When the Coalition entered government, audits and investigations were conducted. Individuals who served in public offices and were perceived to be of material consequence to the process were invited by the police to assist in the inquiries. At no time were persons, who were suspected of, engaged or alleged to be involved in corruption, money laundering and other crimes against the state, detained or their passport seized. The inquiries, and where charges were made, were done with some degree of professionalism and respect for the dignity and rights of the accused.

 Even as these public harassments and government excesses continue, former president and Leader of the People’s National Congress/Reform, David Granger remain noticeably silent. His silence on such matters of grave concern leaves much to be desired. He continues to act oblivious to persons’ sufferings and concerns, and the transgressions of the PPP that hurt his supporters. His failure to prioritise the importance of his supporters is no different from the behaviour he displayed when he was in office.

Yours faithfully,

 Lincoln Lewis