GWI Board can attest to a transparent and robust procurement process

Dear Editor,

The Chairman and Board of Directors of Guyana Water Inc wish to categorically dismiss the untruths being circulated on social media regarding the resignation of members of the Board as well as the unlawful awarding of contracts. 

Neither the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo nor the Secretary to the Board, Mr. Nigel Niles is in receipt of any official resignation from Mr. Frank Sanichara or Ms. Rhonda Lam, as is being purported by the post being shared on social media

Further, the Board can attest to a transparent and robust procurement process being followed by the utility, governed by Tender Board Rules and the Procurement Act 2003, for the awarding of contracts. That is to say that no contract is or can be single-handedly issued to a supplier for products or services to the company. Oversight of the procurement process is exercised by the Manage-ment Tender Committee, the GWI Board Tender Committee, the National Procurement & Tender Administration Board and the Procurement Commission.  

The Board of Directors assures the public that it is an impartial body, appointed to overlook the affairs of GWI and has developed a good working relationship with the Management of the utility. 

Yours faithfully,

Nigel Niles

Secretary to the Board of