Businessman going up against PPP/C, APNU in Bourda-Stabroek Central polls

By Andre De Silva

(Intern with the Guyana Media and Communication Academy)

A thirty-year-old mining consultant/businessman will be contesting as an independent candidate against a 2018 APNU Councillor and a PPP/C candidate  in the First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) race for Constituency Seven in Georgetown at the June 12  local government elections. 

Contesting in the Bourda-Stabroek Central-Lacytown First-Past-The-Post contest are Ivelaw Henry, the APNU representative; Charles Greaves, Independent Citizens for Progress representative; Bhisham Bipat for the governing PPP/C and Robert Bostwick, the independent candidate. 

Stabroek News contacted Greaves for an interview  but he  said “Not at the moment”.