We’re ‘Out of the loop:’ Small agro processors want more consultation on decision-making in the sector

As Guyana’s significant untapped oil and gas resources appear increasingly likely to be the foundation on which the country’s socio-economic structure will be built, investors in other less well-appointed sectors of the country’s economy believe that the shifting of financial resources and a greater measure of official attention to those sectors ought to be accelerated as part of the country’s wider development plan.

Increasingly, the Stabroek Business’ opinion-seeking modest ‘polling’ undertakings among animated groups of business persons in the ‘lesser’ sectors of the country’s economy are beginning to bare opinions which suggest that businesses that appear to have the best chance of impacting on the country’s poverty-alleviation pursuits ought to attract a fair share of support from the ‘wealth pool’ that derives from the country’s oil ‘treasury. Feedback culled from occasional telephone ‘interviews’ with small businesses in the agro processing sector suggest that government still needs to do more to transfer more generous ‘helpings’ of the country’s oil and gas earnings to the development of an agro-processing sector which they say continues to make an encouraging contribution to the enhancement of the more modest local entrepreneurial ambitions.