Adrian Smith

Liverpool staged packed emancipation programme 10

Dr Ivor Crandon: Poverty is no barrier to achievement This year, Emancipation celebrations at Liverpool, Corentyne were even more spectacular than last year kicking off on July 24 with a pageant, fitness walk, essay competition, soiree and a $100,000 metem-gee competition.

East Bank Berbice residents protest over state of road 26

-repairs promised in four weeks Residents of Glasgow and nearby communities on the East Bank Berbice yesterday staged a protest demanding that the road in their area be fixed; standing on the road from 6 am and braving the scorching heat of the sun to demand attention to a problem they say “has been going on for years now.” Region Six Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha told the residents yesterday that a case had been made to the Ministry of Public Works for a proper road to be built and this would be addressed in another “two to four weeks’ time”.

Central Corentyne sloshing through floods 6

Farms hard-hit Central Corentyne residents complained on Monday to Region Six Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha about the deep flooding they were experiencing and at Alness they blamed incomplete work by a contractor.Mustafa visited flood-affected areas in the Central Corentyne on Monday.

Christmas in Manchester

‘Tagga’, pepper-pot and seeing the masquerade from under the bed Christmas used to be the best time of the year when I was a youngster growing up in Manchester Village with my grandmother.