Cecilia McAlmont

The African Village Movement

History This Week

On Monday, Emancipation day, I stood on a relative’s veranda in Hopetown watching a group of young and not so young people making their way home, through the rain, after a night of frolic at the annual ‘swari’.

History This Week 3

Introduction It was 150 years ago, precisely on March 11, 1860 that the ship “Whirlwind”, some 78 days after leaving Hong Kong, docked at Port Georgetown with 371 Chinese immigrants on board including 56 women and 4 girls.

History This Week 8

Valerie Hart: The Woman at the Heart of the Rupununi Uprising Introduction According to declassified Department of State Documents “At 8am EST [January 3, 1969] Valerie Hart contacted US Ham radio operator and broadcast appeal for help from U.S.

History This Week

The impact of abolition and apprenticeship on female slaves and apprentices (Part 2) Introduction In the previous article, the paradoxical consequences for women of the abolition act of 1807 were examined.