Cynthia Nelson

Cynthia Nelson

Coconut Scones with Coconut Oil

A couple of years ago, in my Tastes Like Home column, I had written about my experiments using hardened coconut oil (liquid coconut oil that solidified when refrigerated) to replace butter in pastries, cakes and other treats like scones and biscuits.

Pear & Bread Bruschetta Style

Are you enjoying the bounty of in-season avocado? I hope so. You can make shakes, salads, dressings and more with this buttery, creamy fruit that has an inherent note of sweetness.

Fried Broccoli

The term ‘fried’ in this recipe refers to the style of cooking we Guyanese employ when we talk about cooking vegetables – fried pumpkin, fried callaloo etc.

Fruity drinks

Hi Everyone, If you are of a certain age you will recall the August holidays being rife with outdoor activities – climbing trees, picking fruits and eating them to our heart’s content, playing gam (marbles), hop scotch, and running our own Olympic-style races.