Cynthia Nelson

Cynthia Nelson

Sweet Potato Dumplings

The market here (in Barbados) is rife with orange-flesh sweet potatoes. They are a joy to bake with simply because they make everything look stunning with a rich golden-orange hue.

Chicken Salad

Even though we live in a tropical environment all year round, we do feel the effects of the changing weather systems throughout the year.

Grilling Fruits

Everyone knows that pineapple and stone fruits can be grilled but there are other fruits that can be grilled too such as citrus fruits like oranges.

Fruit soup

If you’re looking for an easy dessert that uses mostly fruit, then you’ve hit the jackpot when you make a fruit soup.

Request for Milk Bread

Hi Everyone, As I told you last week, my mother is visiting and, over the period of time that she’s been here, there have been several requests for specific things that she would like to eat and drink.

Changed hands

Hi Everyone,   It didn’t just happen but it is only now that I have come to fully understand how much arthritis has affected and changed the use of my mother’s hands in the kitchen.