Desilon Daniels

Memories of Great Flood still haunt

Ten years later…

Chest-high waters, the bodies of dead animals floating past, the fear of catching a quickly-spreading deadly disease; for many, the days of the Great Flood of 2005 are still fresh in the memories of residents ten years later.

UG staff for full strike

-after VC demands return to work for continued talks

University of Guyana (UG) workers will begin a “full-blown” three-day strike on Monday after negotiations between their unions and the university administration reach another impasse due to a demand by Vice-Chancellor Jacob Opadeyi that they end continuing industrial action during talks.

Discovering Chronixx

When it comes to reggae, dancehall, soca and chutney, we Guyanese tend to pride ourselves on our link to the Caribbean; none of these genres might have originated here but we sure do take them and make them seem so.