GHK Lall

Reviewing public accountability in government

Improving Public Accountability: The Guyana Experience 1985-2007 by Anand Goolsarran is an expert, in-depth analysis and discussion of many of the roiling governance issues that have existed for the last several decades, and which continue to bedevil local society. 

The local lunatic fringe

Thankfully, it is a not too heavily represented group; there is an inner core consisting of public superstars, and there is robust support from a ragbag phalanx operating behind the deep cover of barricades, some official, some scummy. 

A welcome development

The announcement of the formation of Transparency Institute Guyana Inc (TIGI) is a welcome development (‘Company formed to promote transparency, fight corruption’ SN, November 11). 

Holding on at all costs

In a recent press release, the WPA called for the resignation of two government ministers following three maternity related deaths. 

The PPP’s selection dilemma

Will it be the General Secretary or the Speaker of the House?  After all the expert opinion, inside information, and outside betting, the speculation narrows to this. 

Confessions of political window dressers 2

It took only eighteen years.  After continuous denial, derision, and delay from the ruling party, two of its leading men grace the national stage to deliver confessions, with a third likely to hobble from among the goat herders to bow his head and admit to sins.