Godfrey Chin

Guyana’s first flight, 1913

Easter Monday, 7am, March 24, 1913 the residents of Georgetown were awakened to the rhythmic purr of a flying machine overhead, as George Schmitt took off from the Bel Air Park (Canon race course field) in a historic five-minute flight – the first ever in British Guiana.

The saga of Regent Street 

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Regent Road and Street, with pavements on either side of the carriageway running east to west from Water Street to the Botanic Gardens’ entrance divides the capital city of Georgetown into northern and southern halves.

The romance of the Sea Wall

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Ask any Guyanese, at home or abroad, to name the first five things Guyanese that readily come to mind, and they often reply, Kaieteur Falls, Stabroek Market, St George’s, Parliament Buildings, Town Hall, and sometimes, Jonestown.

Main Street

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Main Street certainly fulfilled all the expectations of the city’s forefathers from the date it was christened, and matches Brickdam, our oldest street, for popularity and prominence.

Saga of the Bureau of Statistics building

The controversy Georgetown lost yet another of its exquisite architectural structures, when the former Bureau of Statistics Office, on High Street and Brickdam, opposite the Parliament Building, was demolished in November 2010.

Fathers know best  1

Happy Father’s Day 2010. This is for every father, everywhere. Hoping that while I share this Nostalgia it brings back some poignant memories of your Dad. 

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Tribute to steelbands before Mash 1970 By Godfrey Chin Godfrey Chin Steelband has been the essence of our Caribbean Carnival/ Mash/Crop-Over celebrations since this phenomenon emerg-ed after WWII, and remains a unique musical art form in the twentieth century, with efforts from Japan to Sweden usurping this contribution from our tropics.