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Agro–processing on the up and up

If the adage about one swallow not making a summer clearly applies to the recent initiatives by the Government of Guyana and the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) to attempt to breathe new life into the country’s agro-processing sector, it would be churlish not to acknowledge the recent developments in the sector and what we should be reading into it.

Happy independence

Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr. George Norton, who paid a site visit to the Independence Day rehearsals yesterday at D’Urban Park, said that works were done at the Homestretch Avenue venue to enhance its scenery for the hosting of this national event today.

Market Prices

(Prepared by the Guyana Marketing Corporation and published by Stabroek Business as a public service) The New Guyana Marketing Corporation has agreed to provide us with the above information which we will publish on a weekly basis subject to receipt.

Stock market updates

GASCI ( Nº 223-6175/6) reports that session 774’s trading results showed consideration of $106,100 from 5,125 shares traded in 3 transactions as compared to session 773’s trading results which showed consideration of $20,537,831 from 62,847 shares traded in 7 transactions.

Russians to take no part in World Cup drug testing – FIFA

(Reuters) – Russians will not be involved in drug testing procedures at the World Cup as FIFA looks to reassure teams that samples cannot be tampered with, the governing body’s medical committee chairman Michel D’Hooghe has told The Times newspaper.

Bipartisanship in Parliament

For far too long the Guyana Parliament has served almost only as a battleground for warring political parties – both those in government and those with their eyes set on becoming the government.

Timber Expo was huge success – forestry official

-cites sales

Even though the Guyana Timber Expo closed on Sunday, Manager of the Forest Products Development Marketing Council of the Guyana Forestry Commission, Kenny David says that participants are already enquiring about another expo, and he dubbed this year’s “a very huge success”.

Cubana bomber dies at 90

Anti-Castro Cuban exile and former CIA operative Luis Posada Carriles, accused of masterminding the explosion of a Cuban airliner 40 years ago, died early yesterday in Florida at the age of 90, his attorney’s office said, according to Reuters.